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Steve Li

Steve Li by ReSteve Li by ReSteve Li by ReSteve Li by ReSteve Li by Re


An acupunc­tur­ist with out­stand­ing skills—he cures every­thing from ten­nis elbow to crip­pling back prob­lems, he’s that good.


His busi­ness is pre­dom­i­nant­ly dri­ven by word of mouth. His cus­tomers will typ­i­cal­ly take sev­er­al busi­ness cards and hand them out to friends as they preach his mir­a­cle work. Our chal­lenge was to help strength­en his cur­rent busi­ness, and build fur­ther aware­ness.


By tak­ing the idea of rec­om­men­da­tions as a key dri­ver for his busi­ness, his approv­ing cus­tomers give him some of their busi­ness cards, to be re-used as a phys­i­cal sign of their endorse­ment. Each card is punched through with his details and passed on to poten­tial new cus­tomers, show­ing that the busi­ness card’s own­er had received treat­ment by Steve Li, and that they endorse his abil­i­ties.

Unfortunately our client passed away several months after the completion of the project. Steve was an amazing person, a fantastic healer, and is a great loss to those who knew him. In regards to his rebrand, he was thrilled about the outcome that he was more than happy for us to enter his project into design awards. Entering this piece was a difficult decision, however considering how positive he was about the outcome, we feel comfortable he would have supported our decision to promote the work. — Jason Little, Creative Director of Re

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