Executive Creative Director

Manuel Pereira

Design Team Director

Pedro Morgado


Sofia Simões


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Santa Fé Associates

Sport Zone by Santa Fé Associates


Sport Zone is the most impor­tant Por­tuguese sports­wear chain of shops with a net­work of stores located in the country’s main shop­ping cen­ters. Offer­ing a wide range of arti­cles and equip­ment from well known brands, Sport Zone has also been build­ing a strong port­fo­lio of its own brand options.


Cre­ate a brand directed to skaters and roller skaters. A brand able to chal­lenge famous inter­na­tional brands already estab­lished in a mar­ket where both style and per­for­mance dic­tate people’s choices.


A flex­i­ble and dar­ing iden­tity for a brand that wants to con­quer a very com­pet­i­tive mar­ket. A brand which rep­re­sents the thrill of the ride in each and every prod­uct. Thus, and since every ride, as every skater, is a dif­fer­ent one, why not come up with a flex­i­ble brand—one that offers you sev­eral image pos­si­bil­i­ties? This was the idea behind this project—creating a logo that adapts to chil­dren, teenagers, and adults as well, because, in spite of their dif­fer­ences, they all have the same irreverence.

The skate mar­ket is a very spe­cial mar­ket, with a very spe­cific tar­get, that really val­ues brands. Our main goal was to cre­ate a brand that would be val­ued and proudly shown by the cus­tomer dur­ing their activ­ity. This was how LOBU was born—a free, dynamic, and young-spirited brand. These val­ues are reflected in its design, in its flex­i­ble form as well as in the col­ors of its appeal­ing and prac­ti­cal prod­ucts. — Susana Bar­ros, Busi­ness Man­ager of Sport Zone

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