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Arlyn Ramos
Skin Milk

Skin Milk by Arlyn RamosSkin Milk by Arlyn RamosSkin Milk by Arlyn RamosSkin Milk by Arlyn RamosSkin Milk by Arlyn RamosSkin Milk by Arlyn Ramos


A bath and beauty prod­uct com­pany focused on nat­ural, gen­tle skin­care, and skin whiten­ing. The prod­ucts are based on milk, his­tor­i­cally used for mois­tur­iz­ing skin. Based in Cal­i­for­nia, it tar­gets 25– to 40-year-old Fil­ipino, Japan­ese, and Korean women con­cerned about main­tain­ing fair and youth­ful skin.


Con­ceive a brand and develop its brand iden­tity. Cre­ate an iden­tity sys­tem (logo, sta­tionery, pack­ag­ing, and web design), that reflects the brand’s per­sona. Bal­anc­ing unity and vari­ety across the iden­tity sys­tem was a chal­lenge. We were required to find and pur­chase three related items to be pack­aged. It was impor­tant to find the right items because their mate­ri­als would affect the final look and feel.


The brand plays on milk and the idea of a relax­ing soak in the tub. Milk’s white color alludes to a creamy com­plex­ion. The logo is a milk splash that is also a bath­tub. The pack­ag­ing mate­ri­als were all cho­sen for their homely vin­tage feel. Pink was cho­sen for fem­i­nin­ity and browns for nat­u­ral­ness. Other touches add to the feel­ing of comfort—warm pho­tog­ra­phy, hand-done type for the logo, hand-painted argyle (to rep­re­sent sweaters), and quilt-like deboss­ing on the busi­ness cards. Besides nat­ural, gen­tle skin­care, Skin Milk is all about encour­ag­ing women to take time out to treat them­selves well.

Arlyn Ramos presents a coher­ent, well-thought-out design strat­egy that’s beau­ti­fully exe­cuted. The logo con­cept relates well to the beauty indus­try and the ref­er­ence to milk’s white color draws on the whiten­ing effects of the prod­ucts, specif­i­cally appeal­ing to the tar­get demo­graphic. From the care­ful selec­tion of prod­uct pack­ag­ing and soft color palette, to the hand-lettered type of the logo and hand-debossed busi­ness cards, every last detail evokes the vin­tage and nat­ural com­fort­ing feel of Skin Milk’s brand. The del­i­cate design is kept strik­ingly sim­ple to ensure the brand remains fresh for many years to come. — Ailed Gar­cia, Instruc­tor at Kapi­olani Com­mu­nity College

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