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Magpie Studio
Jackson Gilmour

Jackson Gilmour by Magpie StudioJackson Gilmour by Magpie StudioJackson Gilmour by Magpie StudioJackson Gilmour by Magpie StudioJackson Gilmour by Magpie StudioJackson Gilmour by Magpie Studio


A cater­ing com­pany that has been deliv­er­ing excep­tional food with out­stand­ing ser­vice to its clients at top venues all over Lon­don, UK, for over a decade.


Jack­son Gilmour is a fam­ily run, chef-led and award-winning cater­ing com­pany. With a pres­ti­gious client list that includes Her Royal High­ness the Queen and a staff of chefs with more than a few Miche­lin stars between them, they needed a rebrand that expressed their offer as one of the best in the business.


Focus­ing on their unique offer as a chef-led cater­ing firm, we devised a brand lan­guage rem­i­nis­cent of cook­ery and recipes. Add a dol­lop of typog­ra­phy inspired by cop­per pot hall­marks, a twist of the dia­gram­matic lan­guage of fam­ily trees, a table­spoon of very expen­sive print tech­niques, heat at a high tem­per­a­ture, and you end up with a chef-led, engag­ing, and high-end rebrand.

The Mag­pie Stu­dio team took a thor­ough brief and allowed plenty of time to under­stand the nature of our orga­ni­za­tion and the indus­try we work in. They were tena­cious in their cre­ativ­ity and remained com­mit­ted to an orig­i­nal approach even when their first attempts didn’t quite hit the mark with some of us. We are absolutely delighted with the final result. The use of the cop­per metal­lic fin­ish com­bined with a quirky, con­tem­po­rary type­face has given us gen­uine “stand-out” in the event cater­ing indus­try. The link with vin­tage kitchen­ware and our Celtic roots was inspired. The iden­tity works bril­liantly across all medi­ums and we have had a hugely pos­i­tive response from both clients and com­peti­tors. Chang­ing a com­pany iden­tity is a chal­leng­ing and time-consuming process, but the Mag­pie team remained com­mit­ted and upbeat through­out. We are now extremely proud to hand over our busi­ness cards! — Anne Aitken, Mar­ket­ing Direc­tor of Jack­son Gilmour

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