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Designer and Art Director

Kota Kobayashi


Milos Mihajlovic


Emiliano Granado


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Ippon Matsu Beer
Ippon Matsu Beer

Ippon Matsu Beer by Ippon Matsu BeerIppon Matsu Beer by Ippon Matsu BeerIppon Matsu Beer by Ippon Matsu BeerIppon Matsu Beer by Ippon Matsu BeerIppon Matsu Beer by Ippon Matsu Beer


Its pur­pose is to spread the mes­sage of char­ity, raise aware­ness, and help those liv­ing in the after­math of the 2011 tsunami. All prof­its are donated to the recon­struc­tion efforts in Rikuzen­takata, Japan.


To cre­ate a beer brand that rep­re­sents the mes­sage of hope and gets peo­ple to donate to tsunami relief in Japan.


Ippon Matsu” means “one pine tree.” The design process was mainly influ­enced by the story of Rikuzentakata—out of an entire for­est that once lined its coast, only a sin­gle pine sur­vived. The con­cept was to incor­po­rate this lone pine tree as a sym­bol of strength and hope through­out the pack­ag­ing design. Our solu­tion was to sim­plify to the purest form. We used one die cut in the shape of a pine tree and no descrip­tion of the prod­uct in order to trig­ger the viewer’s curios­ity and to dif­fer­en­ti­ate it from other com­mer­cial products.

The mes­sag­ing and design of Ippon Matsu Beer (IMB) has got­ten us noticed on local and inter­na­tional lev­els. From Cal­i­for­nia to Korea to Nor­way to Brazil and beyond. Sup­port­ers are every­where. IMB has been fea­tured in online pub­li­ca­tions for beer and design, and in a cou­ple of design mag­a­zines, includ­ing Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Arts. More recently, TV Tokyo fea­tured a story about IMB and an inter­na­tional dis­trib­u­tor of alco­holic bev­er­ages has con­tacted us with inter­est in con­tribut­ing to our cause. Over­all the atten­tion we earned has resulted in dona­tions and demand for IMB reach­ing past our ini­tial goals and expec­ta­tions. — Milos Miha­jlovic, Head of Com­mu­ni­ca­tion of Ippon Matsu Beer

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