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Estab­lished in 2010 as the par­ent com­pany for Orange and T-Mobile, Every­thing Every­where is the UK’s largest com­mu­ni­ca­tions com­pany, pro­vid­ing mobile and fixed-broadband com­mu­ni­ca­tions ser­vices to more than 27 mil­lion customers.


In 2012 the UK mobile indus­try was fac­ing some big chal­lenges. The mar­ket was dis­rupted and com­modi­tised, peo­ple were spend­ing less, and worst of all, they’d stopped car­ing about their net­work. Every­thing Every­where came to Wolff Olins ask­ing what an all-new, game-changing brand could do. Together, we cre­ated EE. A brand to show every­one in the UK how the magic of tech­nol­ogy can make the every­day bet­ter. If you ever thought you couldn’t do this or couldn’t do that, with EE, “Now You Can”.


EE, the new net­work for your dig­i­tal life, is brought to life through the “Smart Layer”. The Smart Layer is made up of a grid of particles—the tan­gi­ble expres­sion of the net­work. They are the basis for the core ele­ments of the visual expres­sion: the logo, the type­face Nob­blee, and iconog­ra­phy. They are smart because they react and respond to the user in use­ful ways.

We set out to cre­ate a new, inno­v­a­tive brand with dig­i­tal at its heart, and Wolff Olins was the per­fect part­ner. Their ambi­tion and opti­mism for what this new brand could be cer­tainly matched our own. In an incred­i­bly short time­frame we worked together to cre­ate EE, a brand that truly deliv­ers on the idea “Now You Can” and brings the magic of tech­nol­ogy into the lives of peo­ple across the UK. Wolff Olins deliv­ered on the brief and, more than that, we had a great time work­ing together. — Ben Spencer, Head of Brand Man­age­ment of EE

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