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Magpie Studio

4Seven by Magpie Studio


A new chan­nel from Chan­nel 4 that fea­tures the best from Chan­nel 4 in the last 7 days with a remit to inte­grate the increas­ing role of social media in television.  


Our brief was to cre­ate a logo that would sit com­fort­ably as part of the Chan­nel 4 fam­ily whist also com­mu­ni­cat­ing that this was some­thing new—a dif­fer­ent way to view Chan­nel 4. The biggest chal­lenge was to cre­ate a new brand which was still built from the same DNA as the exist­ing iconic Chan­nel 4 mar­que. The objec­tive was to cre­ate a mar­que that com­mu­ni­cated that this was Chan­nel 4 with a new twist.


We arrived at the final solu­tion through a great deal of exper­i­ment­ing with the exist­ing Chan­nel 4 mar­que. Pick­ing it apart, rebuild­ing in new ways, then even­tu­ally set­ting on extrud­ing the blocks to cre­ate some­thing new. The solu­tion involves a “7” hid­den around the cor­ner of the Chan­nel 4 logo, revealed as the viewer pans around the cor­ner of the logo. The chan­nel was launched with a cohe­sive on air pack­age by 4Creative and Man­Vs­Ma­chine and gained view­ing fig­ures of 45,000 unique view­ers per night in its first week.

We wanted a new iden­tity to launch 4seven, a brand new chan­nel show­ing the best of Chan­nel 4 from the last seven days. The iden­tity was a chal­lenge because the Chan­nel 4 brand had to be obvi­ous and at the heart of the iden­tity but also have its own per­son­al­ity. We’ve worked with Mag­pie many times and their approach was spot on. The result was sim­ple, eye-catching, and com­mu­ni­cated the prod­uct per­fectly. — Alice Tonge, Cre­ative direc­tor of 4creative

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