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A parent company of various commercial insurance and reinsurance businesses for over 25 years. Headquartered in Ireland, they have a history of unsticking the stuck of finding a way to cover risks at times when others haven’t been able to. Their audience is everyone from brokers to CEOs of large firms.


XL had a new strategy: “To unleash the world’s capacity to advance.” It was time to reinvent themselves, and reinvent (re)insurance. The big challenge was to change the way people see insurance: to show the world that insurance matters, and that XL is at the front of progress. Visually, the insurance landscape is awash with blue and burgundy—XL needs to stand out from the crowd and still be taken seriously.


“Make your world go” was the idea at the center of this rebrand, because nothing happens without insurance. Ships don’t sail, cures aren’t found, buildings aren’t built, and films aren’t made, but no one was telling this story. While everyone else was talking about risk, we decided to talk about progress. We focused on making everything bold, pure, and cool. The new logo and identity position XL as a company not just ready for change, but leading the way. We gave them a bright, bold, and agile brand to echo their superpowers: the perfect mix of analysis and imagination.

The redesign process and ultimate relaunch of XL’s branding was refreshing. XL wanted something that reflected both the internal changes it recently experienced and the new corporate strategy to help drive our people and our company forward. The process of taking our old chunky logo—associated with size, strength, and inflexibility—and literally distilling it to its basic elements was brilliant. It is this combination of creative and strategic thinking that led to venturethree helping us create a new brand image that reflects the new XL: more flexible, dynamic, focused, and innovative. The rebrand has led to increased website traffic, click through rates over 100% above the industry norm, a very successful renewal period, and most importantly, an overwhelmingly positive reaction by our colleagues. — Allison Fingerhuth, Manager, Communications and Marketing International of XL Group

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