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Wo Hing General Store by Manual Wo Hing General Store by Manual Wo Hing General Store by Manual Wo Hing General Store by Manual Wo Hing General Store by Manual


A contemporary Chinese restaurant and bar led by Charles Phan, founder of The Slanted Door. Serving Chinese street-inspired eats, the restaurant is situated in San Francisco’s lively Mission district.


Wo Hing General Store’s name pays homage to a small grocery store that Charles Phan’s uncle and father owned in Vietnam after fleeing China in the 1960s. Phan wanted to avoid any visual reference to a general store or family history. He only asked that the Chinese characters of his uncle’s and father’s names (Wo & Hing) be incorporated into the identity.


The logo plays with the delicate nature of noodles—a main staple on the restaurant’s menu. We also noticed a similarity to the structure of tubular neon signs that are often associated with Chinese street food. In addition to the logo, we created a rich, colorful visual language using only the aforementioned humble noodle. Using a scanner, designers experimented with raw and cooked noodles to create a number of flowing, abstract images. As a departure from the ubiquitous neon sign seen in many Chinese restaurants, we designed a lightweight, transparent window sign screen-printed with electroluminescent ink.

I didn’t give a ‘brief’ to Manual; I wanted them to be creative and see what they would come up with. In the first presentation I was immediately drawn to the unique treatment of the Chinese characters in the logo, along with the bright color palette. The use of noodles to create artwork was something that took us by surprise. After working with noodles for years, I never would have envisioned them to be an artistic piece. I’m very pleased with the results, and we get great comments daily. Guests continually take our menus as a take away poster. — Charles Phan, founder of The Slanted Door

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