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A campaign launched by Greenpeace Japan that encourages people to change their seafood eating habits and choose sustainable seafood in order to safeguard our ocean resources. Decades of destructive fishing practices, people’s appetite, and unsustainable fish farming have led to a threatening decline in available seafood supplies.


SuSea is about creating a better life for healthy people and the marine ecosystem by choosing sustainable seafood. SuSea creates harmony between humans and nature by connecting a healthy lifestyle with a better quality of life for the ocean. This identity program includes logo standards, promotional items, and future uses for SuSea.


In order to understand how I could use the power of design to solve the ocean crisis I gathered information about the ocean situation, interviewed ocean scientists, conducted several group surveys, and discussed one–on–one with advisors. SuSea is more than a master’s thesis: it is a healthy, sustainable lifestyle—a vision for the future. “Everyone can use informed, sustainable seafood choices to achieve a better future,” is the uniting concept throughout all the final deliverables: SuSea products, SuSea on wheels, SuSea headquarters and

The primary goal of Yen’s thesis project was to create a campaign about sustainable seafood that would be both highly educational and visually engaging. To achieve this, she developed a design system that presented a narrative about sustainable seafood in an unexpected, fun, and informative way. Simple, impactful infographics, silhouetted photography, and bold, friendly typography worked together to create a visually cohesive campaign with a compelling message. — Laura Milton, Design Instructor at Academy of Art University

Yen Yeh is a diligent, hard working student. She couldn’t have chosen a better topic for her thesis. It is not only a subject she is personally connected to (her parents are in the seafood business), but also a very timely subject for the society we live in today. The creative process to get to the final logo was punishing. She went through hundreds of symbol sketches and countless rounds of refinement to get to the final realization. I couldn’t be more proud of her effort. Where she landed is solid and on point. — Junko Maegawa, Instructor at Academy of Art University

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