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Directors, Planners

Sabum Byun
Seungwon Huh
Myungsup Shin


Junhyuck Chun
Chulwhee Kim
Cheonwoong Park
Junggun Park
Jiyoung Yoon


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Samsung Developer Day by Plus X


A platform brand from Samsung Electronics that shares the latest technologies, services, and business information with developers all over the world. Samsung Developer Day was held during MWC 2012 in Barcelona, Spain, for delivering Samsung’s corporate value and core message: “Learn, Share, Network.”


Design an identity for Samsung Developer Day that speaks to the brand values of developing informative content and leading users’ smart life.


Diverse contents provided by Samsung are expressed in animation with flexible patterns. The core messages of Developer Day: “Learn, Share, Network” are expressed in motion graphics based on a graphic motif. In order to maintain the concept and identity with offline media, space design, and all applications, the same visual motif is used throughout. The animation tells a story in which each pattern represents contents developed by Samsung, is divided into the many devices of Samsung, and is shared through the network. The scenario is mainly comprised of core copy messages, and the visual artwork is based on that.

Before this project, Samsung Developers Day had no branding or design unity. Therefore, a new communication tool was planned for this event through branding, logo, and identity animation. Lots of communication and cooperative work between Samsung and Plus X was made to visually expose Samsung Developers’ brand identity. Even with a very short timeline and tight preparation schedule, the outcome perfectly met the project’s intention, as it not only satisfied clients but also fully delivered the message to the target audience. — Youngkyoung Lee, Manager of Samsung Electronics

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