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Communication Director

Agata Kosmal


Paweł Gorka
Helena Prylowska

Marketing Director

Marcin Skowronski

Project Management

Anna Suchodolska


Arkadiusz Los


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Onet.PL Group by Dragon Rouge, Poland Onet.PL Group by Dragon Rouge, Poland Onet.PL Group by Dragon Rouge, Poland Onet.PL Group by Dragon Rouge, Poland Onet.PL Group by Dragon Rouge, Poland


The biggest Polish Internet portal with an average number of users reaching 14 million a month. This is a classic horizontal portal that provides over 200 thematic services spreading from news to entertainment to social activities. The audience is Polish Internet users between 15 and 64 years old.


After 15 years of step-by-step changes of its image, Onet came to the position of a leading but quite neutral player with little potential to spark the emotions of its target group. The changes in the media landscape and growing popularity of mobile devices created a natural opportunity for Onet to recreate itself as a modern and progressive lifestyle brand with a literally colorful personality. The task was to reposition the brand, restyle the logotype and create a new visual look for the portal followed by engaging collateral materials.


In opposition to the linear way of traditional media consumption, the new Onet promised “The world at your command—whenever and wherever you want.” Before, the only visual elements of the brand were the logo and a yellow dot. This led us to create the identity based on multiplication of colorful dots. We wanted this colorful world to represent richness and attractiveness of the services available at the portal. At the same time, we consciously rejected “glow” stylings typical on the Internet. This idea of dots was also recreated in the icons used on the refreshed web site and subsequent services and materials.

We have been pioneers of the Polish online landscape for over 15 years, but times change and media landscapes do too. We decided to strengthen our brand identity and make it more expressive. Our old logo still had great brand recognition, but we had a feeling that we needed a change in our identity to be well prepared for future challenges in the new digital era of smartphones and tablets. We assumed that Onet competes now for the time and attention of our users not only with other online players, but with all media companies. I strongly believe that Onet’s new logo and entire logo system make our brand more dynamic and makes us better prepared for the future. — Robert Bednarski, President and CEO of Group

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