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Kellogg’s by Interbrand
Kellogg’s by Interbrand
Kellogg’s by Interbrand
Kellogg’s by Interbrand
Kellogg’s by Interbrand
Kellogg’s by Interbrand


The world’s leading producer of breakfast cereal since W. K. Kellogg created the first ever corn flake, pioneering an industry over 100 years ago. With a wide range of products in over 180 countries, their audience is just about everyone on the planet who eats breakfast.


The Kellogg’s mark began as a symbol of quality: a promise of genuine ingredients and authentic goodness sealed with the signature of the company founder. As Kellogg’s expanded into more and more markets, this meaning lost its way. Instead, individual product brands increasingly took center stage. In this demoted role the mark and masterbrand suffered inconsistencies in appearance and message. Interbrand was challenged to refresh the Kellogg’s identity—to restore its importance in an ever-expanding portfolio.


Through a richer, insightful brand experience platform we reestablished what Kellogg’s does best: great breakfast crafted from the goodness of grains. We stripped away unnecessary renderings or effects from the mark to underline the genuine quality and beliefs of Kellogg’s. Previously separated letterforms were connected as a metaphor for the continuity of each day. The result is a mark that complements a revitalized Kellogg’s identity, driving choice, and shaping demand. 

Our experience working with Interbrand to create a fresh identity for Kellogg’s was tremendous for several reasons. First, the approach was consumer-driven from start to finish. Secondly, the process leveraged what we already knew and built from there, which enabled speed and incremental knowledge gain. Lastly, it was inclusive of our local brand leaders and agency partners, which added value and buy-in. All of these facets contributed to a rich brief that led to outstanding design work. The new system met our goal to freshen the Kellogg’s brand in an ownable, contemporary, and relevant way for today’s consumers. — Kim Miller, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Global Brands at Kellogg’s

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