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Creative Director

Valerie Crousse


Raúl Cárdenas

Project Manager

Giuliana Gotuzzo


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Innomedia Group by Icono Comunicadores Innomedia Group by Icono Comunicadores Innomedia Group by Icono Comunicadores Innomedia Group by Icono Comunicadores


An interactive marketing agency based in Lima, Peru. Their digital solutions are accomplished through a unique integration of expertise in business strategies, technology, design, and user experience coupled with a solid track record helping industry-leading companies turn their dreams into real business.


Create a new identity for Innomedia Group that would portray them as one of the leading interactive marketing agencies in Peru, and compete in an international market, through an innovative and creative brand that was consistent with its business principles and objectives.


The concept was based on circles in movement—like a world that is constantly moving and changing—as occurs in the digital world. The identity was created for application on all communication platforms with a specific emphasis on digital media.

Innomedia Group’s challenge was to create a “global icon” that symbolized the attributes and values of our digital communication agency. A key element in our identity was that it be adaptable to all communication platforms including digital media. The final design represents all the values of our branding, with an emphasis on a modern and contemporary image. This contributes directly to one of our business objectives: growth due to recognition of our brand — Luis Antonio Gutierrez, General Manager of INNOMEDIA Group

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