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Roanne Adams


Elliott Burford
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Beast by RoAndCo
Beast by RoAndCo
Beast by RoAndCo
Beast by RoAndCo
Beast by RoAndCo
Beast by RoAndCo


A cloud hosting platform mainly used by those in the tech world, Beast is a brand for hackers, programmers, app builders, and tech startups. 


Design a fun brand identity and website that appeals to a tech-based audience. Our aim was to attract these self-proclaimed “hip nerds” by aligning the brand with their lifestyle while maintaining a functional and trusted reputation. 


The Beast logotype is strong, bold, and reliable-looking, while “Beast” icons refer to video games played by the target audience as kids—like Atari and Pac-Man. The brand achieves a look that’s both familiar and reliable, while not taking itself too seriously. We created an icon system, based on basic shapes, that can be swapped and rearranged to create several different Beasts or Databeasts who represent the easy customization of the servers. The icons extend to business cards that double as collectable “Beasts” and USB drives that let the “Beasts” hang out on the side of your computer.

In our first meeting, RoAndCo took the time to ask about our service, then asked us specifically who we felt our target audience is. We answered: they are basically tech nerds with an appreciation for design. We wanted the brand to to be something that a web programmer/designer would love to be associated with. RoAndCo took the answers to these questions and produced a design that is simple and clean as well as bold and deliberate. Beast is still in private Beta, but whenever people see the branding they are immediately interested in hearing more about it. Basically, RoAndCo killed it! We love what they have done for Beast! — Johnny Wahba, Founder of Beast

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