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Watermark by Moving Brands
Watermark by Moving Brands
Watermark by Moving Brands
Watermark by Moving Brands
Watermark by Moving Brands


The women’s leadership forum Watermark (formerly Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and Executives) launched in 1993 in the San Francisco Bay Area, with the aim of connecting exceptional women leaders with people and ideas that enhance their impact on the world. Watermark fosters collaboration plus connections between its members.


Create a new identity that would underpin their positioning as a community of accomplished women leaders leaving their mark on the world. Furthermore, the identity must work to advance their key business objectives of geographic, financial and membership growth.


Building on our brand strategy work, the concept of “emanating” guided our visual direction. The way a drop forms ripples in a pond, or the way a boat causes a wake in its trail, both became strong images to convey the sense of emanating, as well as referencing their new name. The mark represents this sense of emanating as it grows, from one line to four, as in a ripple effect. The brand identity system included symbol, wordmark, color, type, imagery, animation, and film as well as marketing and communications plans to ensure the correct messaging and tone of voice.

We at Watermark are deeply impressed by the creativity and expertise of Moving Brands. Their detailed and astute analysis of our market, goals, and strategy yielded fresh insights into the opportunities for building our brand. The new brand identity they created for us expresses not only the sophistication of our membership and thought-leading programs, but also the enduring, emotional bonds that we forge among our community. And their vision for how our brand could play in the “moving” world was built into the very heart of our new brand identity and continues to guide us as we grow our digital presence. I have and continue to highly recommend the creative, strategic, and professional team at Moving Brands as a fantastic branding partner. — Wendy Beecham, CEO of Watermark

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