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Punto Orgánico by Infinito


An organic foods store (“Organic Spot” in English). It is a very casual and relaxed place where you can also find organic food recipes and information. Their target audience is upper and upper-middle class women, who are concerned about their family’s health and the environment. 


In Peru, consumption of healthy and organic products is rising. However, it still is a very low profile business. The challenge was to raise awareness of “Punto Organico” with an interesting and eye-catching identity that would position it as the leading organic food store.


It was one of those projects where you immediately know what needs to be done. The name simply gave us the answer: an “organic” (meaning raw and green) lettering in the shape of a dot or circle. Additionally, it delivers on the promise of a place with personality and charm where you satisfy your needs of organic, fresh and healthy products.

We launched with a very clear objective: to be the first organic food store in Lima and to fulfill a market segment that is growing considerably in the last few years. Our initial budget was very small, nevertheless we invested 25% of it in our identity. That decision was crucial, because it’s with this identity that you make a first impression, then you position yourself in your consumer’s mind to finally create value for your mark. Infinito contributed a lot to our initial concept, they translated it to a visual realm stupendously, way beyond our expectations. Finally, we chose a logo unanimously that today is a key factor of our growth. — Jimena Florez-Estrada, partner of Punto Orgánico

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