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A producer of pomegranates and pomegranate-based products, POM prides itself on its ability to keep the heart healthy with its beverages. POM’s audience encompasses young and elderly alike, especially those who believe in the importance of everyday health and wellness. 


The biggest challenge of this assignment was to think of a nonconventional way to represent the chosen product. In this case, the focus was on avoiding depicting actual pomegranates and also live footage, to illustrate the spirit and idea behind POM, while also creating an unexpected and memorable anecdote.


This spot emphasizes how POM is good for the body and specifically the heart. Inspired by scientific diagrams of bodies and their digestive tracts, a “person” takes a sip of POM juice and we see it travel down a swirly straw, a playful representation of an esophagus, and it continues right into the heart, which reveals “O” in the POM logotype.

Jessica did a great job not getting caught up in the technical side of design. She started off by making beautiful boards that told a simple, graceful story, then revised and took them down to only the essential elements. Once she got into animation, she could have started by making RealFlow fluid simulations, but instead she chose to explore a “graphic” technique. This graphic technique set her design apart from the rest of her class, and it truly gave her something special. She used her beautiful boards as a road map for her animation and furthered the end tag with simple editorial and sound design. Overall she did a great job. — Brad Tucker, instructor at California Institute of the Arts

Judge’s Comments
I thought that this animation gathered all the qualities which one would expect from a video communication to present this product: it can be understood what it is very quickly; the graphics and animation illustrate the pleasure that this drink offers; and the benefit of the product — health — is very well put in-scene, simple but with effectiveness, without being too much of a health lesson or threatening. In the end, one understands that this is a product that stands for pleasure, elegance, and being good for your health. — Claudine Félix-Janneau

This relatively simple but beautiful and fluid animation, accompanied by classic baroque music, looks and feels natural and healthy. The culmination at the end with filling up the heart and logo is brilliantly done. Bravo. — Steff Geissbuhler

A great idea that is well-executed. POM will be calling. — Jennifer Kinon

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