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Pawsh by Jenny Chung
Pawsh by Jenny Chung
Pawsh by Jenny Chung
Pawsh by Jenny Chung
Pawsh by Jenny Chung
Pawsh by Jenny Chung


An upscale pet boutique that sells clothes and accessories for animals. The demographic is slightly targeted towards women in the 20 to 60 age group. They are pet lovers and appreciate fashion. They have an eye for good design and are sensitive to premium designer brands.


The project required the brand to have a fun yet luxury look and feel. The challenge was to appeal to women without isolating men and to mix humor with quality. It was important that the overriding message be that the brand experience was luxurious and felt expensive.


I used subtle visual cues from luxury brands, namely color, white space, symbols, and pattern to create an aspirational-looking identity that would align with the Pawsh target market. It aimed to communicate a mixture of fun and modernity with luxurious undertones.

I was impressed with Jenny’s investigation into print processes. Her mock-ups for this project were impeccable; she really went the extra mile and it paid off. She got items engraved and business cards were die-cut with a subtle spot UV. She really had an eye for detail, with bone-shaped handles on her packaging and patterned tissue paper. She managed to communicate a playful take on a high-end brand without devaluing the overall look and feel. — Penny Dombroski, tutor, and Nick Konings, graphic design course leader of Media Design School

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