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Dan Gutierrez


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Cortica Neurosciences by Dan Gutierrez


A pharmaceutical company in the United States focused on treating patients with Alzheimer’s disease, Cortica is developing preventative medicine that can alter the development of the disease rather than treating only the symptoms.


The client specifically asked to have a neuron incorporated into the design. As I learned about Alzheimer’s, I looked for ways to creatively fulfill their request. This was the primary challenge and, after exploring many concepts, the Cortica “C” stood out and was ultimately used.


The Cortica “C” was crafted by connecting three stylized neurons to form the capital letter “C.” This design was picked as the most versatile, unique and memorable. The neurons were adjusted to create a balance that appeared bold while holding its legibility at both large and small scales. Red was used as the primary color because red indicates areas of healthy and intense brain activity on a brain scan.

During the design process, we relied heavily on Dan’s expertise and interpretation of the core concepts of our business. It was an iterative process that used feedback from our collective scientific team with more than 50 years of biotechnology experience. We wanted a logo that was completely unique while representing the elemental scientific basis for our company and at the same time was easily recognizable and understandable to a non-expert in our field. We feel this logo meets and exceeds all of the criteria for our company and our brand. — J. Kelly Ganjei, CEO of Cortica Neurosciences

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