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Hamish Haydon


Penny Dombroski
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Chemex by Hamish Haydon
Chemex by Hamish Haydon
Chemex by Hamish Haydon
Chemex by Hamish Haydon
Chemex by Hamish Haydon
Chemex by Hamish Haydon


A coffeemaker whereby the coffee comes in contact only with the scientifically designed filter and nonporous glass. The target market is sophisticated, smart coffee connoisseurs who enjoy gourmet food and art.


The project required a much-needed logo redesign. The coffeemaker was designed by a German chemist in the 1940s and has earned a place in the permanent collection of the Corning Museum of Glass in New York State. The challenge was getting the logo and supporting collateral to communicate the thought of science meeting art.


The logotype is heavily influenced by designs reminiscent of those from the 1940s and 1960s. The raised M in “Chemex” alludes to the coned filter system. The illustration style of the supporting collateral is a nod to the structure of the periodic table. The color palette is conservative and drawn from the materials used in the Chemex product itself: wood, glass, rawhide, and coffee. It brings about a natural, quiet, and sophisticated tone.

Hamish’s project was successful in that he managed to communicate the fusion of science and art to a sophisticated target market. Hamish used a restrained color palette and a clever and stylized illustration style that had a textural quality to it. The illustration style carried through sculpturally into the die cut of the box. All these elements alluded to the chemical processes of the product, appealing to the sensibilities of the target market and their interest in book smart subjects. — Penny Dombroski, tutor, and Nick Konings, graphic design course leader of Media Design School

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