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Creative Director

Luis Herrera

Lead Designer

Elena Benitez


Lourdes Armida
Gustavo Martinez

Web designers:

Marco Raab
Laura Beale


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The leading operator of QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) and Casual Dining in Latin America, with 1,174 Points of Sale in Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Argentina. A publicly traded company (in Mexico’s BMV), Alsea owns a portfolio of global brands such as: Starbucks Coffee, Burger King, Domino’s Pizza, Chili’s, PF Chang’s, and California Pizza Kitchen.


Project objectives were: redefine the corporate value proposition in light of the company’s twentieth anniversary; consolidate the current customers of the various brands; attract new customers to the brands; and position Alsea in the hearts and minds of the customers of its brands, by laying out the value Alsea has added to the country over the past 20 years in the social, work/employment, and economic thread (aside from the back-office and supply chain support they usually offer to their brands).


We created a “Corporate Ingredient Brand” strategy where the Alsea brand appears — along with its restaurant brands — in a series of customer touchpoints, to tell a story of synergy, good citizenship, and value. In this story, the ultimate goal of both the corporation and the brands are the special moments that only Alsea plus each one of its brands deliver to the table of millions of customers every year. This idea was articulated through the corporate tagline: “Touching People, Enriching Moments.” To complement this message an end-client focused, icon alphabet was created to portray Alsea’s success ingredients.

Over a year ago we invited MBLM to create a brand value proposition to reflect our vision towards the future after our first 20 years of operations in Mexico and Latin America. As a result, MBLM’s strategy is helping us to further align the cultures of our brands, delivering a compelling story of success, synergy, good citizenship, and value, which will be instrumental to connect emotionally with our current and potential customers. I’m sure that this will be an important element in our corporate strategic plan to extend our customer base and leverage our company into more competitive grounds, with a unique voice, goals, and values. — Fabian Gosselin, CEO of Alsea

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