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Sponsored Posts

Brand New offers the option of purchasing posts to promote your company, product, service, event, or other relevant news with prominent placement in the home page, permanent inclusion in the archives, and equal visibility with our regular posts in the site’s RSS feed.

Ready to book? Contact Armin Vit.


Brand New generates 2.1 million+ pageviews each month and hosts up to 500,000+ unique visitors.

Home page
The lead image and title of the post will appear on the home page for the duration of the engagement. The home page receives 450,000+ direct pageviews a month.

Sponsored Posts
Sponsored post placement in the home page, aligned with the main editorial categories.

Archive and tag pages
After an engagement expires on the home page, all sponsored posts move permanently into our archives where they can be discovered through searches, tag browsing, or in chronological order of all of our posts.

Sponsored Posts
Sponsored post presentation in a sample archive page. Archive pages include: searches, tag listing, chronological browsing.

Individual post
Each sponsored posts has its own individual page where all of its content unfolds. See sample here.

RSS Feeds (Feedly, Digg, etc.)
Anywhere our RSS feed is published, sponsored posts will appear in chronological order along with the rest of our editorial posts. On Feedly, one of the most popular feed readers, Brand New counts with 52,000 followers.

Sponsored Posts
Sample appearance of a sponsored post on Feedly, one of the most popular feed readers.
Click-through, Activity, and Tracking

Since we have only started offering sponsored posts in February, 2017, we have no data to share but as stats become available we will update this section. Nonetheless, sponsored posts are sold without a guarantee of CTR or pageviews — if the content is relevant, its engagement will be higher. Brand New does not offer any tracking or reporting; we encourage that you provide tracking URLs for your links.

Twitter Mention

Each sponsored post will be Tweeted once, upon publication. Our Twitter account, @ucllc, counts with 50,500+ followers.

  • Sponsored posts are published only on Monday and Wednesday of each week.
  • Sponsored posts are hidden from the home page during Saturday and Sunday (but remain in the archives)
  • Posts are published at 6:00 am Central Time each day. (This is done by a human, so it’s not an exact science.)
Cost and Duration (on the home page)
  • $400 for 2 days (minimum engagement).
    Bookable for Monday + Tuesday or Wednesday + Thursday*.
  • $800 for 5 days.
    Bookable only for Monday to Friday.

Duration listed is for home page placement. Once published, it will remain in our archives. Only one sponsored post appears in the home page at a time. (Buying the 5 days, ensures your post stays there all week).

* If a monday falls on a holiday, the schedule remains as is and discounts are not offered; if this is a concern, we suggest booking on another week.

All sponsored posts require pre-payment via credit card. No exceptions.

Accepted Content

Brand New welcomes a variety of content for sponsored posts. While we encourage posts that promote companies, products, or services, that are relevant to graphic designers and creative audiences in general we are open to posts that expand beyond the obvious like, say, a coffee-of-the-month service (because we all need good coffee). If you are a graphic designer or firm you can even choose to promote a project or your work in general.

Ultimately, we reserve the right to accept or deny any given sponsored post if, at our sole discretion, we do not consider it beneficial for all parties involved (and that includes our audience, ourselves, and you, the potential sponsor).

Content of Post

Content is provided by the sponsor. We will not write a post on sponsors’ behalf.

All sponsored posts will be clearly marked as being sponsored. No one is duping anyone into thinking otherwise.

Each post will consist of:

  • 1 header image: 1,000 pixels wide × 750 pixels high. No file size limit, no animation.
  • Up to 5 additional images or video embeds: 1,000 pixels wide × however many pixels high.
  • Up to 3 paragraphs of text, up to 100 words each. Minimum of 1 paragraph required.

All image files are uploaded and served through our server. We do not serve images from other servers or domains nor iframes or services like Google DFP.

Ready to book?

Contact Armin Vit.

Are you a Regular Reader Wondering why Brand New now Publishes Sponsored Posts?

Maintaining a blog with daily content takes a lot of time. We would love to do it out of the kindness of our heart but this is our profession and a source of income. Banner-only advertising worked for us for a number of years but requests for sponsored posts have increased dramatically in the last year while commitments to banners has decreased. In order to be able to maintain this blog, we must be able to meet this demand. In return for our daily coverage of logo and identity redesigns we kindly ask that you support our effort by considering giving part of your daily attention to those who support us financially.

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