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Brand New: The Build

Feb. 21, 2013 by Armin

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New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual

I normally hold designs very close to my vest. I do not like people looking at what I’m doing while it’s in progress. So what I am about to do goes against fifteen years of habit. As I have hinted in the past, Brand New will undergo a major redesign. The design itself is loosely set and I’ve started building it out. Normally I would just spring the redesign on everyone but, just like you can see a building being constructed from foundation to beams to piping to glass windows, I will be building Brand New in a semi-live way, posting updates online as I reach different milestones. I’m not sure what this achieves other than opening myself up for feedback early on and perhaps giving code-inspectors a chance to see what I’m doing right or wrong.

So: This is where I’m at, warts and all, on the home page. The site is built on a flexible grid and will eventually be responsive (right now, I’m working on the version for people with big-ass displays). I will be implementing Hoefler & Frere-Jones’ fabulous Ideal Sans through their webfonts service — we are Beta testers.

My main goal is twofold: (1) to build a properly coded and CSS-ed website and (2) get the “B-Sides” out into the main fold (they’ll be called “Noted”) and build in a space for linking to fun logo-y things (called “Linked”). And, yeah, in a month or so, it should be fully working. Comments are welcome on this post and follow us on Twitter to get regular updates of what has been achieved with each upload.



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