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First Round 2018 - Atlanta: Speaker Line-up Complete

Early-bird Tickets End Friday, August 21

Posted Aug. 14, 2018

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The Man who Cried Wolf

The Man who Cried Wolf

Peter Davies, 69 and a retired building manager, is suing Premier League football club, Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, alleging their logo (above, right) copied a design he created when he was 13 years old (above, left) for a local art competition held by the Wolverhampton Wolves speedway team in 1963. The similarity is undeniable and the 1979 version of the team’s logo is even closer.



Linked Aug. 14, 2018


Sriracha NBA Logos

Sriracha NBA Logos

Reddit user Tokyo-Sexwale took on the important task of drawing every NBA logo on tortillas using Sriracha.


Linked Aug. 13, 2018


Space Force Logo Vote

Space Force Logo Vote

With the “Space Force” agency getting more traction (and publicity), Trump’s administration yesterday sent out an email to its constituency asking them to vote on the logo to be used on a new line of merchandise. This does not mean this will be the logo of the potential new branch of the military. It goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway: all these suck and their suck quotient has nothing to do with who these logos represent. They suck out of their own merit.


Linked Aug. 10, 2018

Brand New Conference Updates

New York (2018)
Speakers announced for the 2018 Brand New Conference in New York, on September 13 – 14. / Register now! /

Videos of all the presentations of the 2017 Brand New Conference are now available for purchase as individual files ($8 each) or the whole 16 as a set ($90). / Browse videos /

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