1. Judges

The judging panel is comprised of five individuals: Three designers and two printers. This combination places emphasis on design and execution but with an increased level of scrutiny toward production. Judges convene in Austin, TX to collectively select the work.

Stephen Doyle Stephen Doyle
Doyle Partners

Gael Towey Gael Towey
Creative Director

Christian Helms Christian Helms
Helms Workshop

Jim Sherraden Jim Sherraden
Hatch Show Print

John Earles John Earles
Workhorse Printmakers

2. Categories

Categories do not determine fees, so don’t be shy about your category selection. Fees described below.

Upon entering you can only select one category. If a project is produced using one or more of the methods listed here you may enter it either as a Mix (category 15) or enter it in multiple categories for each method to be judged individually (separate fees apply).

The FPO Awards categories are focused on print production over project type. This means that, as one example of many, a business card will be judged in contrast to a poster if they are both letterpressed.








Foil Stamp













Projects that use less common print methods like Flocking, Gravure, Etching, or other.



A specific category to judge use of varnishes, independent of print method.



A specific category to judge binding techniques, independent of print method.



Includes laser-cutting and laser-etching.





For projects that mix 2 or more print methods and/or finishing techniques.

Categories are open to design professionals, students, printers, and hobbyists as long as the work was produced in a minimum quantity of 50.

Work must have been produced between January 2013 and June 2014.

3. Fees

Fees are determined by levels rather than by category, depending on the length and/or complexity of each project.

Each level has three prices for each deadline:

Early-bird (ends May 9) / Regular (ends May 30) / Late (ends June 13)

Business Card

$10    $20    $30


$20    $40    $50

Posters, postcards, t-shirts, tote-bags, and other projects with a single front and/or back.

Single fold

$20    $40    $50

Invitations, brochures, and other projects that unfold once, are unbound, do not have additional elements that slide or move.

Multiple items

$30    $60    $70

Projects that consist of 2 or more items. For example wedding invitations or stationery.


$30    $60    $70

Bottles, boxes, audio and video packaging, containers, etc.

Cover + 4 to 24 pages

$30    $60    $70

All forms of bound publications from magazines to annual reports to books to zines.

Cover + 28 pages or more

$40    $80    $90

All forms of bound publications from magazines to annual reports to books to zines.

4. Entry Preparation

Entrant and entry details are all submitted online but you must mail actual samples. Photographs or renderings of the project are not acceptable.

After completing the online submission process you are responsible for printing and mailing your entry.

Entry labels generated by the online form must be clipped, stapled, taped, or bound to the back of each entry facing out. (We realize it might be tricky in some cases, so use your best judgement.)

UnderConsideration LLC
5618 Shoalwood Ave
Austin, TX 78756

Keep in mind: if you have submitted samples to the FPO blog, we might still have it and can re-use it for judging. Inquire if we still have it.

Do no mount anything.

Entries must be postmarked by Friday, June 13, 2014 and delivered no later than Monday, June 16, 2014.

Judging will take place on Friday, June 20.

5. Winner Perks

The work selected will be a representation of the very best work being done in print design and production today. Winning entries will be generously showcased in the book with credits and accompanied by client statements. Additionally, each judge will pick his or her favorite entry for five Judge's Choice Awards and each category will have a Best of Category Award selected collectively by the judges.

Open web showcase

This year we are shifting the strategy so that as many people as possible see the winning work. All winning projects will be showcased in a free-to-access website (as opposed to the first three years’ paid-access website). See the FAQs for more info.

On-demand Book

A book will still be designed with the winning work but it will be printed on-demand and ordered from a third-party at production cost. Winners will NOT receive a complimentary copy.

Certificate of Award

A printed certificate will be provided for each winning entry. It will be pretty.

2014 Brand New Conference Tickets

Best of Show, Radical Production, and Sustainability winners will each receive 4 free tickets.
All Best of Category and Judges’ Picks will receive each 2 free tickets.
Travel or accommodations are not included.


Contact us by e-mail     /    via Twitter @fpoawards     /    or by phone at (917) 755-0750 (between 9am – 5pm CT)